Past Clients & 3D Visualizations

Below are projects that I have worked on with different clients ranging from high-end retail, private interior homes, to product visualizations used for national marketing.

Tiffany & Co.

I had the pleasure to work with the design team at Tiffany & Co. on the interior space for their rooftop addition.
More images will be avaliable at publication.

View the article here.

a screen shot of an article in the NYT of tiffany and Co's newest rendering of a glass addition to their flagship

My team and I created imagery for the WeWork locations around the globe. We were part of a small team of 3D artists that worked with architects and interior designers.

a rendering for WeWork in Jakarta
a 3d visual done from Wework in Jakarta
a rendering of a WeWork space in Jakarta
a 3d rendering of a WeWork in Jakarta
a 3d rendering of WeWork space in Jakarta
Lutron Electronics

I did a bunch of product renderings for Lutron Electronics.
Wireless technology is an abstract concept to convey to the mass market. I was able to help portray how versatile much of Lutron's products were.

a pico is attached to a wall with a wall plate, as well as on a pedestal and also held in the hand
a product view of the Lutron Caseta family with the Caseta App for iphones
a 3d rendering of an exploded dimmer
Private Clients

My experience working with large corporations enables me to help feel the scale of the work I do. On the flipside, working with independent practices that are smaller feel more intimate, and I am able to get down to the details.

a 3d visualization of a vestibule hallway with open doors to the living room
a 3d view of a fancy kitchen with marble counters
a 3d visualization of a dining room
a 3d visualization of a fancy dining room with mahogany table and leather chairs
a 3d visualization of a kitchen space
3D Sketches

Sometimes I like to do quick sketches.

Aerial Footage & Photography

Outside of rendering, I enjoy shooting architectural photography. Coinciding my passion for all things tech, I also have a license to fly a drone. Issued by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) (2017)