People: Just me.

Stuff I did: Competitive Research, Interaction Design, UX, Wireframes, 3D experiences

Keywords for the Internet Wizards: Interaction Design, User Centered Design, Rendering, 3D, Prototyping

I personally find great pleasure in industrial design and draw a lot of inspiration from the field. Paired with my prior studies in architecture, I thought it was be curious to merge product design (industrial) with product design (digital).


When looking where to start, instead of reinventing the wheel, I decided to look at similar high-end brands to Furnish.

a screenshot of the DWR websitea screenshot of the Vitra websitea screenshot of the CB2 website
a screen shot of the restoration hardware websitea screenshot of the BluDot website

1. Design Within Reach
2. Vitra
3. CB2
4. Restoration Hardware
5. Dot & Bo


Landing Page

a wireframe of furnish web app splash page/ front page

Product Catalouge

a wireframe of the furnish apps catalogue of sofas

Product Description

a wireframe for the furnish website showing the product page
Logo Branding

Starting with a quick sketch, I took elements from a front facing chair, the elevation of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the letter "F" to create a quick logo design for the Furnish brand.

Style Tile / Mood Board

Following the San Francisco theme, I pulled colors from the Pacific and rolling fog as inspiration. I wanted to convey a misty, foggy vibe with punches of Internation Orange poking through the clouds. My hope was to convey a color scheme appropriate with neutral earth tones that common furniture could match with.


Landing Page

a high fidelity rendering of the Furnish Web App splash page

Product Catalouge

A High fidelity rendering of the Furnish Web App product catalogue page of sofas

Product Description

a high fidelity rendering of the Furnish Web App product description page
a gif showing the option to change color of the sofaa gif showing the rotate feature while displaying the product as well as 3d measurements of the product